Waterlow Photography

Born and raised in a small town in British Columbia, I moved to Montreal in my early 20s to experience new cultures and surroundings. Always being interested in Photography, and wanting to capture the new culture that surrounded me, I decided to take up the Commercial Photography course at Dawson College. Throughout the program, I have learned many new skills & techniques, and have been able to refine my vision to what most excites me. Being an avid cyclist from a young age, I have always been interested in my surroundings. From the urban landscape to the depths of nature, I find the shapes, patterns, colours, and contrast that make photography enjoyable.

Photography, being generally described from its early beginnings as painting with light, is exactly that for me. Lighting a subject, or finding the correct natural light, to portray the mood desired is where the painting comes into play. From soft, gentle subjects to harsh, highly-contrasted subjects, we feel differently about what we see. This is what I love about photography: capturing that split second where everything is perfect.